Reviews for "Cavern"

Pretty challenging puzzles - not going to lie, for the second half of puzzles, I just had to brute force them. The hint given for puzzle seven was really useful though (thank you for it!). Overall, a very good puzzle game!

The game doesn't save.

Level 7 is too difficult and there is no real logical solution tha I can see without a lot of trial and error. I can see at least 4 blocks I could start with and it only continues like that.

4 stars for detail and work on the puzzles.
I really like the details in this game, and enjoy the puzzle elements. Number three's got me pretty stuck, though, and I couldn't help but wonder if it was inspired somewhat by sudoku puzzles? I feel like the symbols have some sort of numerical significance, but can't get more than the bottom-most row of symbols to turn green, and the center one on the right-most column.

P.S. I will admit, when it comes to puzzles of this variety, I usually go for the walkthrough after the third or fourth try, but I spent over an hour working on this one puzzle.

as people say and due to your comments, puzzle 7 should the the last one, I could not do it

there are 2 bad points:
- if you click on a puzzle finished you need to do it again, you cant go back
- last puzzle done is not saved, so if play later need to start over

TurkeyOnAStick responds:

"if you click on a puzzle finished you need to do it again, you cant go back"
... nah, I have no idea what you are trying to say, here.

good [puzzle game... some of them drove me mad for a bit but still beat them all :)