Reviews for "Cavern"

I like all the medals. This actually seems like something I would want to use in my math class (I'm a teacher). The hardest part to overcome is figuring out the different number system. These are basically just a digital version of standard math problems. I think the puzzles could do a better job of explaining their logic (showing the descriptions of the medals would be one way to do this) since these puzzles are already mentally taxing without needing arbitrary difficulty added in.

awesome puzzle game i have ever played on here

I like this game cause it gives me lots of medals.. c: Some of the puzzles are a bit tricky but a good game overall. :)

This was an AWESOME game..hope to see a 'Cavern 2' for sure!

I won! Hurrah! Anyways, very solid game with good puzzles and nice graphics. The end is kind of odd, but other than that, it's good.