Reviews for "Cavern"

Swap the 7th and 8th puzzles, because the hardest shall come the last. The eighth puzzle, well, I realize its puzzle in 10 seconds and solve it by 4 or 5 swaps. Kind of a letdown after puzzle 7.

Gameplay: Difficult, challenging and strategic. Almost every puzzle has a hidden hint and objective, I can imagine how hard it would have been to make this. The puzzles are original. 4/5

Audio: Rather dull, a tad eerie but it wasn't distracting. This means I was able to put all my attention on the puzzles while allowing the music to play in the background thus creating the 'scenery' of the game. Rating- 4/5

Art: Straight-forward and not too detailed. I tend to get really frustrated and confused when there is too much detail in the art, it's really distracting. However, I still feel like there should be a bit more. Maybe you could have experimented more with the colours, perhaps keep that in mind for future games. Rating- 3.5/5

Storyline: I like my games with thrilling and captivating storylines, unfortunately this game lacked that. I realise its sole purpose is to frustrate players with twisted puzzles but maybe there could have been more of a story? Anyways, since there was no storyline I can't really give it a rating on that. Rating- 0/0

Overall: Difficult but I keep coming back. You have blended the soundtrack and art well with the game. I really enjoyed playing this, I simply suggest that your next game focuses a bit more on the story. The puzzles are very original and not all of them have been done. Good job, making puzzle games that don't bore you to death is difficult. Rating- 11.5/15, 4/5

TurkeyOnAStick responds:


The puzzles are easy at first but as usual, gets hard in the end, I did not finish the game (I am not very good at puzzles), I don't understand it (especially during the spinning pictures, I don't get it, do they need to be similar to the statue?) but I would give it a good score because this game is truly a puzzle game, and the atmosphere seems spooky for a puzzle game like this, well, I guess I would never know the answer... Great job.

I can't solve 3 :(

I get that it is solvable, but number seven made me quit the game. I don't like admitting I was stumped, and not being able to check the answer anywhere to show me where I was going wrong, or what I missed, made it that much worse. I get that you want to challenge the players by not having a walkthrough or anything like that, but the ones who really want that much of a challenge in a game won't look at it anyway.

TurkeyOnAStick responds:

I honestly feel that if people want walkthroughs of games, they should wait til other people on the internet provide them. I don't really want to hand out an answer sheet, and I also like to reward people who either solve it first or do some own research.

Thanks for the feedback, though.