Reviews for "Cavern"

I could be producing a cure for cancer ... but right now I'm trying to use logic to get through the puzzle 7

this game is very addictive

Could've had a more rewarding endimg o.O

well-done puzzles
Pretty hard before figuring the relation between the symbols and numbers

Was stuck on the 7th yesterday, played again and noticed the hint right in the beginning. Don't know if I would've finished the game without it xD

TurkeyOnAStick responds:

You're meant to scroll up when you see the bridge :( I really want this mechanic changed.

Alright. So alike many others, I made it to puzzle 7.
I'm sure I could beat that too, but it would be more time consuming, and I don't feel up for the task at the moment. I might come back later and finish the game :p

Anyhow, I think the best aspect of the game is not the gameplay, but the art! Good job, TurkeyOnAStick!
Also, the puzzles were entertaining, and slightly somewhat challenging. I don't know about the ones after 7 though, since I haven't played them, at least yet.

I feel like the ambient music was fine at first, but I personally would've enjoyed some kind of egyptian style crypt music, like you often find in similar games/movies (stylistically similar, I mean).

Also, I feel that the programming seems fine too, I didn't really find any flaws.

Good job, and good luck in the contest!

That was challenging! (especially levels 7-8)
Math behind is beautiful. Graphics are exceptional! Artificial cultural concepts are very deep (numeric system, overall mood).

Did not like the rotational levels, because there is no math behind.
Would like to see selection on tiles.
Need more of your games!

not too hard except level 7. over all a good game but for me too short and I miss the music. liked the puzzles though.