Reviews for "D-Pression"

I really nice and well thought out game, I really love the concept but, at the same time it makes me rage some times. For example the empty room with the portal thing on the top right corner I know what I have to do. It took me quite a time to figure it out but, even now I can't beat that level, because it's a matter of distance between the character and it's shadow, and the distance needed is the size of a pixel.

I already new it was going to be an amazing game just by looking at the title at the beginning. I'm also really surprised that 1 person can make something like this.

You deserve a "Flash Oscar" sir. :)

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thanks dude! I know it's difficult, but I'll let you in on a secret: You're actually trying to beat that level in a very difficult way, although that is possible too. But think like this instead: if one character is in the air, and the other is on the ground, the frictions are different, right? So if you wall jump (away from the wall) with the character that is the closest to it, while the other one is one the ground, and then let go of all directional arrow keys, the character that jumped will actually fly over the one on the ground! Because the friction in the air is smaller than on the ground, the character that jumped keeps moving while the other one has stopped :)

Also, I added a medal for beating the level now ;)

"I already new it was going to be an amazing game just by looking at the title at the beginning. I'm also really surprised that 1 person can make something like this. You deserve a "Flash Oscar" sir. :)"

=> Thanks again, comments like this are a tug at my heartstrings :3

That is a nicely done game! I liked the style you chose, the music, the art, the idea of tricking your shadow. For me it is surely a prize place winner! The only improvement I want to see in a sequel is more improved physics in such aspects like wall jumping and sliding. Honestly, those two empty rooms levels almost drove me insane. I also liked the fact that you can complete some levels in a more 'easy' way like wall jumping over one grid at the same wall (needs some practice) or intense jumping in a corner while your shadow is sliding under you very tightly (or is it intended?). Good luck in furher flashmaking!

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thanks for the long review!

Yes, I had a lot of trouble with the physics, especially since I had so limited time :p
And I know those empty rooms are really difficult, but they are some of the final rooms XD

Hahha, I can beat almost every level in different ways, and it's intended for it to be possible ;)

Thanks again!

It's really difficult but I like it :)

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

It pleases me to see that you liked the game, although it can be quite difficult :3


LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Heyy, it's good that you enjoyed my game! :D

Hey! Great job on your game.

It's a really interesting concept. I enjoy it, but I think you could've done a better job in explaining it in the beginning, since it took me a few levels to really understand what was going on. Perhaps you could also have led in with a story? That'd be nice.

I think the thing that most people are going to be complaining about is the anti-ball. It is REALLY hard to see. In fact, I swear it disappears in some frames of the game, which makes the game quite hard to play in some of the more difficult levels.

I really enjoyed the details that you put into this game, though. That little sound you get whenever you jump, the fact that the anti-ball is the color inverse of the player's ball... they're all really cool.

I think that there could also be a level select menu. Not only would it be easier to go back and play levels you've already had fun with, but it allows you to tell other people what level you're on. For example, I'm stuck on the level that's just a black box with the goal-circle in the top right corner. It'd be a lot easier if I could just say 'Level 18' or something.

Anyways, yeah. Level select and anti-ball being more noticeable. Still, this is a seriously cool concept and I think you could easily develop this into something much bigger. Good luck in the contest!

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thanks for such an extensive review :'D

I was in such a hurry that I had to make all the introductionary levels in about one hour. I'll try to update the game later on today, since I have a little more time. I also wanted to include lots of more story in this, but I simply haven't had time to add it yet.

I know the "anti-ball" is difficult to see, but that is part of the point, since it's a "shadow". Also, I'm quite a bad animator :p

Hahha, you managed to hear that little sound when one jumps? Good job :)

It's funny how you point out a lot of things that I wanted to do, but didn't have time for! I also want to make a level select menu, but I had to settle with a load game button for now XD

Thanks again, LunacyEcho!!!