Reviews for "D-Pression"


LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thanks a lot!

The music was perfectly haunting. As a frequently depressed individual, I can confirm that the words are (for the most part) spot-on (although the self-blame can also be substituted for some sort of all-encompassing fear, it looks pretty similar. I've faced both.)
I should add that the only trouble I had with Back and Forth was my lack of coordination when it came to the jumps down below; I kept mistiming a key and my shadow landed on me. After I worked out that little issue it was all so absurdly simple. The real trouble for me was making something out of nothing, and again, that was simply failure to time things properly on my part, not for lack of being able to figure out how to do it.
That was one of the most incredible games I've recently played. Thank you.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thanks for your great review!!!
I'm glad to see you liked the game, as well as the music too :D
I've actually never been depressed, although I know people that have been/are. Thus, It's good that I managed to capture the concept in the game. I know that some of the sentences in the game aren't as good as some others, but as a whole, I think they are okay :)

Some of the level design could surely be improved, along with the motion/movement of the character.
Still, I intended for the game to be partly puzzle based, but also dexiterity based XD

Thanks for the incredibly positive review, I really appreciate it!

the game is HARD!!!!111!!!!

Seriously, the Black static is annoying.

I've been stuck on a level for 40 minutes.


LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Hahha, sorry for the high difficulty :p
Did you watch the tutorial?

Thanks for playing, and for leaving a review ;)

For me it wasn't a bad concept at all, in fact I love games like these, but really...the Back and Forth level and the very last level were just plain ridiculous (hard). The other levels were fun, really dedicated work on this game and it could use some sort of plot (ofc, the psychological way).

I recommend some hints on-screen on the levels before-mentioned, I was forced to use a walkthrough on those and I really, really hate using them (it ruins the fun and flow of the game). Overall pretty decent and the shadow part was a pretty darn good idea xD. Keep it up.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thanks! There have been many people that have liked the concept, and many that haven't XD

I realized on afterhand that some of the levels were too hard, sorry for that. I agree that I should've included some hints here and there! I'd like to include a plot too! I will most likely (but it might take a long while, as I have many new projects) make a huge update to this game in the future! There's so much more that could still be done to improve it :D

I agree that using walkthroughs ruin much of the fun. Originally, this game didn't even have a tutorial, but so many requested it that I eventually had to make one. That's my bad for making the game so difficult, though!

Again, thanks a lot for the review, Camperer! :'D

Huh, had to look up a tutorial for the very last level and it would appear I took the long way around for the two 'blank' levels.

Anyway you did a really smooth job with the programming. I really like the slipping and sliding and the wall jump mechanic is just comfortable to use. The obligatory puzzle element was fun, although sometimes frustrating and a little gimmicky due to it having the whole physics flair going on - sometimes made things harder than they should have been.

You really could have stood to improve the graphics. They're simple, they're cute, but they're OVERDONE.

The real reason I'm docking so many points is because I'm sick of programmers dick riding The Company of Myself with these simple 'symbolic' puzzle platformers with crummy graphics, melodramatic and even more melodramatic one-liners scattered throughout the levels. At least The Company of Myself and Fixation had a plotline. This is just a bunch of drivel.

Another really big thing that bothered me is that with such simple games you really lose a lot out of the experience when it's just one level after another. There's a heavy puzzle element, sure, but it would be nice to see some new mechanics partway through the game, or even an open-world kind of environment.

This is not a bad game but conceptually it is the most infuriatingly jump-on-the-bandwagon game I've seen in a while.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thanks for the long review, Kwing! I agree with most of the criticism, and most of them can be explained by the lack of time I had when making this. I made it for the Stencyl Jam 2014, but I had my most important school exams in between :)

The programming is pretty smooth, but could still be improved, I think. Stencyl made it somewhat easy though (even if it took a lot of time for me). I'm glad you're happy with the movement though! The physics thing was probably too difficult for most people to realize for themselves. I should've hinted on it more, and made it a bit more obvious that you had to use friction :/

I agree with the graphics too. Then again, I was in a real hurry while making this! I finished this game in the last minute, but I still had time to make small updates later. There's still a lot that needs to be done, I think.

I actually had to make pretty much all of the "story" or text in the game in about 5 hours, and only 10 minutes or so went to actually thinking about what I wrote, as it was time consuming to place the text. If (when) I make a huge update to this game in the future, there will be a lot of changes :D

I would've wanted some new puzzle mechanics too. I originally wanted to make some levels where the "shadow's" movement was inverted from yours. I also waned to include some with many "shadows", and some with upside down gravity, to confuse the player. Alas, I had no time, as I earlier said. The only thing I had time for was to include two levels where the "shadow" couldn't touch you, but had a very similar room to yours, as you might recall.

Thanks again for the long review, I'm grateful that you took some time to write out your thoughts! :3