Reviews for "Feudalism III"

This is a geat game! what song did use use for the hunts and combat? I love it, but I can't find it. What is it called? If it is yours, can you make an audio file of it? thanks!! :)

Nice game,although it would be better with a female protagonist.

Was trying to be positive on this one, since I'm a big fan of the previous games. But I can't, the game is just too bad, too plain, and the healer OP is the worst.

This game were so different from the two earlier versions.
The fighting is a cluster of enemies and your own troops so mixed that its hard to single out one enemy in the group that you are fighting.
The one thing that was missing that i loved in the other versions were the switching of weapon type in the middle of a fight, going from ranged to melee was great, this feature wasnt in this game and made the game boring.
The one thing that was fun were the hunting side-missions. But by the time i managed that, i only had about 2 towns left, and with only 50 of the best riflemen possible i took the towns with ease.
The design of the characters were also very boring, everyone looks the same, only different armors and hairs and beards.
All in all, this game isnt bad, but as it missed much of what the two earlier versions had, its not great either

You got rid of all the best bits from the last two games. The graphics are good, though.