Reviews for "Feudalism III"

Oh boy, this one's quite a drag.

Just like the last two, there's almost no strategy, whoever has the most healers wins, considering they can just spam their support spells endlessly, even on themselves.

Combat is just a cluster of fucks, ordering your units around is pointless, tedious and frustrating. Just like the last two actually.

The character design is godawful, uninspired, and everyone has the same exact face. So it's just like the last two with an animu filter on top.

And of course, it's repetitive, just make the biggest army you can, and try to steamroll everyone else, rinse and repeat ad nauseam... Yes, just like the last two games.

One thing that isn't like the previous games is the soundtrack. Which is unfortunately dull and annoying sounding.

I do like the aesthete for some of the factions though, particularly the steampunk feel of the Inquisition.

But all in all, this game is a mess. So few pros, so many cons.

this game is an improvement in every way. I seriously have no clue as to why people are hating this game so much. the graphics , the bounty hunting , the huge battlefields , the new infantry , weapons , armor , and god knows what else. I seriously love this game. 5/5

I like it. I liked the first two a little better, but props on your progress as a programmer! Keep them coming! We like and want some more

I'm not sure why some people are having such a problem with this game i think it improves in every way to the last feudalism. I like the bounty hunter style missions much better than the boring delivery or generic bandit missions. Also i never really cared for the horses and buying tons of potions seemed cheap so i'm glad all that's gone as well. The only thing i miss is the boss style fights when attacking the main town of a faction there was much more of a sense off accomplishment that way.

it keeps frezing during the 1st battle