Reviews for "Feudalism III"

A good game but i would like to see more contral for the meele charaters i mean like you move you charater with wasd keys and space bar for attack like in the old games. also i would like more weps or in shop there would be a ranged section and meele ection becuse it is hard (for me) to tell wich armor to get for my guy. But is till a good game.

Why did you get rid of the CUSTOM PLAYERS? That DEFEATS HALF the purpose of the game... Like give us more customization, not limit it even more than it already was.

Also LAST SUGGESTION: Add a PVP towhere there is a arena place where we type in Player Username OR I.D. number that is registered to the game and let us get EXPERIENCE from that! ALSO: Let us get "Arena Tokens" for winning duels to save up for specialty weapons (Level 50+ only type of weapons for the weakest). Let us do Bounty Quests(Unlimited) for Mini-Bosses too.

so much bugs

screen stuck texts
character movement and attack
over powered/overpriced units...
etc. etc. etc.

Game is totally awsome best game i ever played

Interface is a little too busy compared to the others and it takes more time to get stuff done, personally I loved both of the previous. This third game isn't quite as good imo, but If i had more time to play I would like it more, which is mostly my problem. (Slight lag also.)