Reviews for "Feudalism III"

great game but maybe next time you make feudalism 1111 you could add snipers and stuff and tomahawks

This game was not as good as the sequel in my honest opinion. There were many more challenges in Feudalism 2 that weren't present in the third. It was too easy to travel around the map and it overall just felt smaller. After like 2 or 3 battles and a couple hunts, the game became really easy. The graphics were a huge step forward, but it really didn't improve my experience. Unit collision was a pretty annoying thing in this game, there would be some skirmishes where I couldn't move because my soldiers would be crowded around me, I mean it's not a major problem but it got annoying being stuck in certain battles for a long period of time. Another thing I find to be pretty over-powered is the crowd control the ice kingdom have, there would also be moments against them where I would be frozen the whole fight because they had constant cc. This game was a huge disappointment compared to the second game because it felt like a huge downgrade. The game tried too much focusing on tactical decisions, though in the end it didn't matter because you could just get the best equipment and soldiers after a few battles. Like the other reviewers said, there were many good features that did not make an appearance in this game. Those features really gave the game a more challenging experience and more replay value. Character creation-wise I felt like your character wasn't as unique, besides changing how they looked. If you plan to make another Feudalism, try to incorporate more of the concepts and features you included in the second game, and add some. Everything in Feudalism 2 was perfect, the only thing to do is add more things to do, and make more customization

I feel bad about giving you a simply par score, because this is clearly a well put together, polished game - if you take the word "Feudalism" out of the title. Frankly, I'm a little disappointed, but only because the previous 2 games were really good.

The graphics have a lot more detail, but I don't really like the change in art style. Detailed designs with anime anatomy emphasize individuals by making them very distinguishable, which fits in an RPG or brawler or what have you, but not really in a mass-strategy game. The original art was fine, and it fit its genre better.

I did like the paused tactical mode, but it seemed like a hassle to give my units orders one at a time. And often, when exiting tactical mode, all the units remained in grayscale - forever. There goes the pretty colorful art.

Most frustrating were the good features that were cut, and the features that went with them that remained. Gone are the days when I needed to purchase a ship, and go to a port to board it. I skip about the continent unfettered by concerns about being ambushed by random bandits - or, you know, the locals I'm invading, who don't seem to mind me running around their territory anymore. In other words, all important geographical gameplay mechanics have been disposed of - so why do I still walk from place to place on a map? If there's nothing important between points A & B, why make me wait for my icon to travel there?

Yet more puzzling is the idea that I can no longer drop in at a town, do some shopping, talk to the locals, deliver a pizza, and leave peacefully. Part of the fun character building in previous Feudalisms was figuring out what nations had the best hats or swords or whatever for my character, and making sure I had a way to get there to upgrade without passing through a lot of territory in which I would face reasonable opposition because I was at war. Since all the equipment now requires a level instead of a specific stat, there isn't much point in trying to find a nice armor that will allow you to avoid blowing a lot of points on VIT anyway.

Which brings me to weapon skills. They are no more. Instead, my character is locked into a small set of weapons. I can learn techniques that use distance weapons even though I chose a melee character, but I can't carry both and switch in mid-battle, so there's no point in filling in half of my skill tree. I can't put points into passive skills that encourage me to develop an army that suits my character - good units are good, bad units and melee units are bad, end of story.

And no more mounted units? No more shields? What? Why?!

If your intent was to distill the goodness of Feudalism by reducing the feature set into something more elegant, I can understand that, but I think you've screwed it up badly. If you just wanted to make the game more accessible to more the more casual masses, at least make it a different IP so I will know I'm not really getting a new Feudalism. It simply lacks the depth of strategy, both in and out of battle, that made the first two installments special. I am disappoint.

I think it is awsome, but somehow it has lost the feel of.. interaction, for example the fact that the boat is already there is kinda annoying.
In the rest i think it is awsome, especially with the fact that you added guns.

See, as an entry of its own- this would be a four star game, with great ideas and a uniqe system-if a little cheap. But its not, its a sequal- which means it has to improve-not get worse.

You can have more troops on the field which is overall a good thing, and the new hunting system is also a plus but...

The game lost its astetic qualities, it feels much cheaper and rushed and poorly drawn.
There are less distincions between higher tiers of everything, men, armour- you name it
WHY DO JUST CLICK ITS INSANLY ANNOYING i cant say how many times im sure i would have walked into my death