Reviews for "Feudalism III"

Cool And Great Game. But There Some Art WAs Copying From Other Game.
Ummm... Why The Hairstyle LOOK LIKE In Game (Original) AdventureQuest? Seriously, I Say The REAL. Hairstyle Look Like From Game AQ. I Think You Use AQ's Hairstyle Character Cause You Don't Have Idea About Hairstyle, Maybe?
At Least, I Still Give 0 Star. Errrr I Mean 5 Star.

I'm slightly let down. The game seriese took a turn in the opposite direction i had hoped. There was far more custimizeability in earlier feudalism games, and the feeling of not being trapped into a liner game progression wasn't as prominant. It seems as though you have taken this game from one extreme (almost like sandbox conquest) to another (no room for following your own path). The skills are very linear, and seem like they're severely nerfed in comparison to other games skill sets which is one way to deal with OP characters, but as i said, it takes away from that feeling of non linear choice.

This game ripped my cock

This game has a lot to offer, but needs to be smoothed out. Less glitches, maybe the ability to select multiple units at once (if the capability to do this exists already, I can't figure it out.)

Why on earth does the screen keep getting wiped in the middle of the really epic battles? It once again happened, please patch this, I keep losing progress