Reviews for "Feudalism III"

Boring, repetitive, unbalanced, riddled with bugs and poor design.. there are so many words to describe this game and few of them are good. The emphasis on healing and reviving is too high which can lead to a never ending battle with people infinitely getting resurrected and healed. I am also very unsatisfied with the frost legion. The bomb shoot is utterly useless and I believe the AI gunners spam the buckshoot without hitting anything resulting in the whole firing line just shooting the air.

This was not ready to be released.

This is better than the Previouse ones,and that is why i love sequels for movies and games can anybody agree with me?on how sequeals can make prequals better?

Pretty much every class with weaponry that can drain health and decent skills becomes impossible to kill. I solo'd every boss with little to no difficulty, especially after I got the Masamune Blade. The game is incredibly well-made, addicting, and fun. However, it is a bit lacking in difficulty and the ending feels rather weak. I loved every single minute of the gameplay, and making millions of gold from hunts did not disappoint. Also, the game was made even easier because of the fact that you could challenge hunts at will. I was level 32 from hunting with +10 and enchantments and all my armor and my weapon before I even started the "storyline." The music was also epic, even if it got a bit repetitive after three hours of playing. The ease of winning aside, the game was astounding, even with a weak ending. I loved it, and it was an easy game to get into, even with this being my first Feudalism game. I can't wait to see more from you!

FINALLY!!!! I have been waiting for 5 years, its a joy, really, to finally play this.

WTH!go as a mage,level up ur dark explosion,spider,shield and kill dark dragon and go taking towns 1 man army style.this made me feel god tought it was very easy.great game