Reviews for "Rise"

While the emphasis on luck is a bit frustrating (more so on weaker magic based characters) I still had a bit of fun playing this. In terms of art I think this game is fantastic, the techno-futile look works very well as a sort of imagining of your standard fantasy or high tech post-apoc setting.
The story is minimal but is good enough to present a reason for the game's events.
Combat is one of the weaker elements of the game, there is relativity little strategy involved and later level fights vary from cake-walks to near impossible boss fights based solely on what upgrades/potions you were able to find along the way. This makes characters that rely on using mp for abilities near useless this could be solved by giving mp reliant characters mp regeneration so a wizard or ninja isn't completely neutered when they run out of mp and potions. Another way around this would be to base what upgrades and potions one finds around their class (example: a warrior has little use for mp so he'll mainly find rage potions and strength upgrades; while a ranger will find a lot of mana potions and dex upgrades.) aside from that there isn't much else wrong with the game.
though sound could use more variety (it gets a tad boring hearing the same slash and shoot sounds for every single fight) so in summary: a good game that could use more depth in combat and sound with an emphasis on making mp using characters as viable as non mp using ones.

This is a fun rpg game, but most of it is luck. Sometimes you get spirit or mana upgrade when your a warrior and it has no use.

The medals work, and I earned them all.

The game is quite good for spending a couple of minutes. I liked the design, though it has a lack of story. Some wider plot would do so much good. Once you get on with the basics of the chosen character, it comes to a few clicks on destroying the enemies and upgrading abilities, so I can't say it's really hard.
Anyways... graphics is good (I won't get mad at no animations in combat, but it would be welcomed as well), sounding is fine and not annoying, the plot... well, a quickie, gameplay - rouph at the beginning, but piece of chalk after few moments.
Result - nice time killer for special part of gamers. Seeing a sequel with improvements would be very good.

F*cking bullsh*t. I know it's luck based, but seriously! The odds are INCREDIBLY against you in this, I can't beat the last boss because of this, I can get him down to 20% if I'm lucky, but when I start to do good, I start to miss all the time and he gets crits every single time! This should just be removed in general, I don't even know how it got passed judgement.

I like the game very much. The randomness is good but needs to be set up in certain places. I got the option to upgrade my skills on the first floor when I had no money for example. Often I am offered items to buy when I have had no time to earn enough money to buy them. There should be more of a penalty for dieing, such as being sent back twenty floors for example.