Reviews for "Rise"

you did it again hyptosis...

The game is quite amazing. I like that perfect mix of cyberpunk and fantasy. I have thought, that something like this will not end well, but it did! Anyway difficulty is fine, but it needs something to refresh the gameplay, something more than just adding another class.

Great game. Difficulty level is fine. Actually the only challenging character to use is the priest and for me, that's the only character I felt like replaying.

The fact that you don't lose inventory when you die makes this game beatable with any of the characters -- even ones with low HP. If you're having trouble, save up on stuff to use on the CEO especially if you get a chance to buy when hp is low. Anything you buy is in the bank even when you die. Avoid wasting inventory on enemies before the CEO. You will get mana and health back when you die so don't waste potions on it. Save potions for the CEO. If you're low on HP or mana when you get to the CEO, let him kill you once before you waste any inventory on him. Beyond that, make sure you buy skill points in the right categories like vitality if you have a low HP character. Keep some spending money around for running into the veteran early in the game but later in the game make sure you're stocking up.

If you're low on HP, buy lots of whatever the lady is selling to bank your gold.

this game is fun and interesting, but, is there a way to keep the progress youve made on each character and start over at the bottom? im having issues with the guy at the top, damned ceo

Hyptosis responds:

No, I wish I had added that but I did not. I'm going to fix it in the next version for sure.

Pretty nice, though it gets kind of boring once you play for awhile ( My opnion ), 4/5