Reviews for "Rise"

Simply put: Amazing!

I like how the game is somehow a text-based game yet "graphicized", the game is great but if it's added a little more depth to the game it would make the good better, the only thing's kinda bad is the music, it's a good choice, but once you played the game nearing the end it'll be way too redundant.

I like your games and style, really

Hyptosis responds:

Thank you so much for the kind words and advice! You rock! ^_^

My tactics is attacking from range, so a ranger is perfect for me

Good game. Could make a few major improvements, show in your stats of how much physical damge you are dealing and the items buffing you. Strength does not effect your damage output, i recieved a +2 strength item and attack the same enemy the next turn and no change in physical damage output. Dexterity helps the most with dodging enemy attacks. I beat the game with warrior on the first try. Luck plays a big factor, being the buff items you find. In all a pretty good game, hope you make a second.

got to 280th floor without a single training ever popping up yeah no thanks computer generetaed randomness is not random its just supid gotta get lucky to beat the game yeah no thanks at all trid all the classes monk and war is the nly one tht got to 200+ lvl good concept but horrible managingyou should not get lucky t train your self in an rpg

Hyptosis responds:

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so many classes and coll ness im a monk by the way