Reviews for "Rise"

The game was very fun, however it got really hard super fast. I really liked the grind of this but once I got to the CEO I get demolished, I might try it again once I have enough time. These random events are my weak spot <3

I LOVE your work but this game really frustrated me. I loved the art and music but the game play was so frustrating. I started as the ninja who only had 15 health but a higher level of dexterity (I like to dodge hits!) and it got so hard. The levels where you can level up are so rare and random it gets annoying. You can climb for ages earning gold but then you meet an enemy with a HP of 50 and you get slaughtered and when you respawn you lose most of your gold so you cant buy anything when you reach the shop level anyway. Basically i would have enjoyed it more if there was an option of earning skill points so you could spend them on the areas you wished to improved rather than relying on a random encounter.

Hyptosis responds:

Yeah, the game is very random. you're right, wish I had designed it to have like, ever 5 or 10 levels you're guaranteed a good thing. Next time I will.

Too much randomness, not enough strategy

simply... awesome game

I've got mixed feelings on this...
As usual, you've got amazing visuals and flavor(I guess that's the right word), but the gameplay just isn't well thought-out.

An example is the Charge ability that the monk(and maybe other characters) have. It doubles damage for the next hit... but there's never any reason to do that instead of just attacking twice. If the monk at least had a damage move that cost mana, I'd understand it a little, but he doesn't.

In general, most of the moves are like that, and there's rarely any strategy involved aside from "use the best move you have (depending on your stats), save the 100% potions for when you're at really low hp and gather as many bombs as you can to nuke the final boss."

That said, I still enjoyed it for the most part...it just feels like it could have been a lot better than it was.