Reviews for "Rise"

Boring, plus the thief class is impossible to win with. No story. The drawings are excellent though

A good concept. I really enjoyed the artwork and RPG, feel of the game, but honestly it didn't present too much story. If there were more of a background story, dialogue and exposition and such, I would have enjoyed the game so much more.

After a while though, playing the game got a little boring. Still, it was refreshing for what it was. I was able to play through it with one class, but because of it's repetitive gameplay, that's about as far as I'm going to play through. I'm looking forward to a sequel though, it would be nice if it had the things this game was missing.

Try to get through without continuing, if you can. It's entirely possible with any of the characters, although you do need to get a bit lucky with some of the harder characters. This game is a mix of skill and luck.

For an easy game, choose Warrior, Monk, Knight, or Barbarian

For the very hardest game, choose Wizard or Thief

Paladin is annoying since he very frequently misses but otherwise is easy-ish.

Good mid-range characters are Priest, Ranger, Sorceress, Ninja

Some abilities with some characters you'll probably find you just never use because they're strategically bad to use. Example: Thief's steal ability gets you like 1 gold but on enemy's turn they damage you, and amount of stolen gold isn't enough to buy equivalent healing potions to make up for the lost health.

The game is fun and doesn't drag on as much as you'd think .. I passed it with the monk and found out Fu-Shun was the best move to use .. Everytime I used it, I couldn't help but scream "Fu-Shun HA!" in my head (DBZ reference) :P lol

Well, i think this game is fun and i like it.

I think i spotted a bug with the gold coin that has 5 times the value of normal gold coins. It's supposed to give me 5 gold but i saw my gold increase by 50.