Reviews for "Rise"

its alright if you dont like content, whole game coulda been done with a couple dice

Not a bad game I liked the feel the music and artwork gave they worked well together and gave a desolate but at the same time energetic vibe. the fighting system was easy to get a hang of and had a very close resemblance to the ones used in Pokémon games, but the fact that the game did not have any easier ways to get money for health potions made it a little hard to play at times.

This game has good music, very good art (I would expect nothing less coming from Hyptosis), and an easy-to-understand combat system. The game's weakest points are its dependence on luck (I got very lucky my first play-through as a Barbarian, but my next, as a Ranger, was scuppered early), and the repetitiveness of combat.

All in all, I enjoyed the game.

first of all this game is crap
after 1min i decided not to waste my time with it
and i agree with IgnisFellsin it lacks story
however this half star for the classes cuz i generally like games with much classes to avoid boredom

I guess i got lucky because that was easy af