Reviews for "Rise"

Warrior, Monk, Ranger and Paladin - fell te power! Great game anyway. I love postapocalyptic climates.

epic that's all I can say. I could play this forever

Monks seem to be the most overpowered class in this game. Monks are not as fragile as Spirit classes and other Dexterity classes, but can hit like a truck with Charge(double damage on next attack)+Rage potions (YES THEY STACK!). I managed to hit the final boss for 76 damage in a single hit (Charge+Rage potion = x4 damage on next hit. Fu-shun hits for 220%, for an amplified total of 880%). The only other class that can hit harder than that are Wizards, but they are way too fragile.

-I think NPCs should appear at fixed "checkpoints" (maybe after every certain number of floors). Currently they appear too randomly, which adds too much luck factor to this game.
-The enemies' stats should be displayed. Currently the only way to figure out if an enemy has high defense or not (i.e. when to use defense ignoring skills) is via trial and error.
-The small potions should heal a fixed amount of hp instead of % based so that they will be more effective for fragile characters (currently potions are too useless for fragile characters). Large potions are already too effective on tanky characters.

Fun game. P.S. nice borderlands reference

very nice and awesome game completed it as barbarian I will see what I can do with other characters.