Reviews for "Rise"

The art is good... But that's it.
Okay, there is no story, but It's okay, it's a flash game after all. The game is based on luck : Merchants pop randomly... You need a potion ? Na, it's a monster ! You have no gold left ? Yay merchant ! That is poorly designed. Oh, and I read in some comments that their is someone who can train you. Never met him. This is poorly designed, really poorly designed... And I'm not even talking about how unbalanced the classes are. Monk is overpowered, sorceress has healing hability, which makes her an excellent choice. Other classes... meh.
Anyway, the art is good, the idea is good, but it is poorly designed.

Fun game. So far I'm on level 50 or so. It's sad cause I'm a quarter of the way through and already conceptualizing the end of the game (I guess it's already a pretty tall tower) But I still wish it were longer :( .... Anyway other than that, great game Hyptosis, Hades!

Oh and also if you're still having trouble Mega-Zelda you might try going to permissions and enabling any cookies you might be blocking(Folded paper thing in the address bar) Hope this helps :]

How do you play this I've tried everything but can't figure out how to play you could at least have added the instructions on how to play, not trying to be rude I'm just adding a suggestion that is all. nice graphics!

I know this is minor, but when you try to buy a bomb, the info says "This potion costs 20 gold". Just thought I'd let you know. Also, I was verrrrrry lucky, i fought 23 monsters with the Wizard. About 46% of it was the seller.

I take issue with how linear the game is. You have very little decision making ability outside of the actual battles, which are fairly straightforward.

In short, not a bad idea, but the execution left me somewhat bored.