Reviews for "Rise"

I have played this game 3 times. Once as Tank and twice as the Agility type. I think the mechanism of the game undermines the Agility classes. How the tower is set up is also detrimental to Agility classes.

Random encounters makes it really hard for me to upgrade the low defense classes, and it is made worse that when you die, a portion of your money is taken away from you. Not only does the fragile classes have to endure attacks from enemies, they better pray that they meet the Stats Trainer NPC before they die, and get their accumulated wealth get deducted.

In one of my runs, I only met the Stat Trainer 3 times. Once early in the climb, which is not really helpful since I have little money to spend. And then twice in a row after I was killed off to the point of bankruptcy. Seriously? I saved up 130 gold (which is REALLY HARD to accumulate) and then get to meet tanks (50HP) that deal me 4-6 damage when my max HP is 11. My maximum damage to them is a mere 13.

There should be some kind of moderation to the Agile type classes. I got stuck with the last boss (100 HP) dealing me 8 damage per hit, my HP is only 15. And my character could only deal a maximum of 8 damage on this guy. Well I got fed up, and did not bother to wait for that occasion where the boss miss me (100/8 = 13 hits) 13 times, and I never miss the boss a single shot.

I should probably make it clear also that... For me to deal that 8 damage to the boss is by using the skill Longshot by Ranger. Which is decreasing my chances of hitting him by 50% to deal 250% damage.

Wanna enjoy this game? Forget about playing the Agile-Type. Go with tanks till the developer do something to fix the handicap of Agile characters.

Not bad, it's actually pretty fun. The art was nice, the classes were fun, and the idea was alright. However, your enemies need a bit more variation along with a way to possibly buy new weapons or find even more in the games by letting us loot enemies. All-in-all; pretty nice, I kind of want to see a sequel of some sort to this.

Not what I thought, but good enough.
Like the music.

By the way, I think I've seen that "TEDIORE" somewhere before. :D

very nice game i feel that some classes worked a lot better then others the barbarian felt like the best way to go if you don't want to try that hard when i got to the CEO i killed in one hit over all it can be a bit harder but also you can get fucked over by how random it can be the first time i played i did not get a power up tell like floor 150 and i got 3 before i hit the top i was dying so much i had like no gold and nothing saved up with no way to win so i had to start over i will love if you can make it so we can keep playing going up the tower again with the game person with NPC being like 10times stronger or something idk just i did not want to stop playing

The art syle is very cool, and so is the music. I think the Ranger's first attack option, Shoot, should be given a less annoying sound effect, though. I also liked the display - the tower on the right-hand side was a nice touch.
All of the characters basically play the same, which is the game's greatest flaw. Since character growth is completely random, purchase bombs and potions in abundance. Eight bombs will bring the end boss to about 20 hit points. Twenty weaker potions, or five max potions are more than enough to survive the three or four rounds needed, assuming the player has enough bombs.
If playing a mage, purchase vitality at every opportunity. If playing a melee class, purchase dexterity instead. Pray for HP+10 floor rewards. And don't be disappointed when classes with swords do more damage than the Ranger with his gun. I guess it's a potato gun or something, because it certainly can't kill anything.
Anyway, follow these steps, purchase the right items when the opportunities arise, and zombie your way to the top. Victory is had for every class, but it feels hollow.
In this way the challenge is either too easy or too difficult. If you want your players to feel attached to their characters, it is important to make dying undesirable. As designed, repeated deaths are a viable strategy. Not even just viable, but in many cases, the most time and cost effective.
I look forward to your next game in this series! Thank you for the submission.