Reviews for "Rise"

great game

Really fun game, but the RNG sucks. I end up passing 30 shops when I don't have any money and only encounter enemies when I want to spend it. At least provide some sort of choice where you can actually buy stuff when you want. Stats I feel are still unbalanced, I notice absolutely no change in my damage when I train strength, and dodge only goes so far for characters like thief and monk. Regardless, excellent job and I can't wait to see what you make next.

Played as the monk so far. Ever give thought to making bonuses for replays? Beat with one class, get a boost when you play as another?

I really enjoyed it, it was a bit easy with the warrior though. And I noticed that when you point at the "Buy" button at the bomb store, it's called a "potion". Please fix it!

WAY to repetitive.