Reviews for "CrateRun"

you weren't lying when you said it wasn't going to be easy.

you successfully programmed a reactive control for the platformer. It feels as though you're hiding lack of actual graphic talent behind the spoof of the shapes. Challenge games are so abundant because they are actually easy to create. It is not difficult to create aggravating challenges. Now that you have a good engine to work with, why not try something new?

Well programmed game. Average among its peers though. Lacks distinction.

Why do the controls for a precision platformer feel like the controls from The Impossible Game??

The controls in this game are bad. The jumping is particularly bad. There are plenty of times I was trying to wall jump and despite pressing toward the wall and spamming jump I'd just fall to my death. Worse is the collision detection. A number of times I died to spikes that I clearly didn't touch or even passed right through a block to my death. These types of games are fun, but they need absolutely tight controls and collision detection to rely on skill and timing, not on dealing with bad controls or hoping for good luck.

Decent game.

Gameplay wise, it's very simple; Jump precisely and hope you won't die in the process.

The controlls are VERY choppy, I have to admit, sometimes it won't let me walljump nor move when I intended to move.
A very annoying factor is that you'll glide like your square is constantly on ice. I know it adds up to the challenge but isn't it challenging enough having choppy controlls?
85% of my deaths are reason to either the hard-to-master controlls and the unprectable slide.

The Soundtrack isn't that annoying and the avarage player will adapt to it to their own taste, though, I don't want to listen to it everyday or something, it's not something too catchy.

One thing which bugs me the most is the level placement.
Some levels around the end are too easy and some levels far earlier are MUCH harder.

I would really love to see the level order in a different layer, introducing the keys earlier and moving some of the earlier stages to the end.