Reviews for "CrateRun"

I don't know if the slippery control are a choose of the author, but from the rewiews, the people didn't like them.
Also, i think you should add a Level Editor, it will be really cool!
I really like the background, but i fucking hate when you press up 2 or more times UP repeatedly, and it doesn't jump, i fucking hate that

Not bad. It kind of reminds me of The Impossible Game. Overall, a nice, entertaining platformer to practice your skills, but nothing more. Some problems I had with it were the jumping and slippery control. These factors resulted in multiple retries...I wonder if this will be on Rage Quit at some point...

laggy but lovely. good design and nice levels/

Cool game, but I got frustrated with the difficulty of some of the levels. Not because the game itself was too difficult, but because of the controls and the constant need to counter every movement with an opposite one. Level 11, peace.

It's got potential, but the over sensitive controls ruin it for me. Some of the jumps needed are almost pixel perfect and that is difficult enough with controls that are perfect.

I don't think u need to tone down the responsiveness of the character (an update says u increased it so i guess people had a problem with that before) but rather decrease the horizontal speed the crate moves at / decrease the severity of acceleration. Not sure if that would mess up the bullets' difficulty but ???