Reviews for "CrateRun"

realy fun game i enjoyed it a lot
the tricky controlls realy make it a challence
and some stages (15) realy makes you having to think diffrently
and the cool music and bit sprites realy make it so much better!

Nothing unique and the controls are random as hell, and I learnt of stage 11 that the controls work and don't work whenever they feel like it. Still, OK game but controls need to be less... random.

Top my high score you weak ass bitches.

If the controls were as good as Megaman X then it would have been a really good mini-game.

Brilliant. Precision platforming is always a joy and this is a spectacular example of it. Controls felt tight and responsive, every single death being a result of a mistake on my part rather than any mechanical fault. The levels were creatively designed and cleverly built up the skill of the player as the game progressed, and although the jump arc of the cube was a little floaty I found this a positive point; it meant each jump had to be carefully judged and steered, which is very satisfying when successfully accomplished - most evident in levels like 'Designed to Kill' and 'King of the Mountain' (two of my favourites, incidentally).
Visually the game is very simple, but given the player controls a white cube I think the style is fitting, and the simplistic nature makes it easy to quickly examine a level and plan a solution.
My only minor complaint is that the music became a touch repetitive, but it is strangely fitting to the gamplay and quite good in any case (I swear I can hear Final Fantasy's 'The Prelude' in it?), so this really is not a problem.
At no point did the game frustrate or annoy, the difficulty curve and game length feeling spot on, and remained thoroughly enjoyable throughout. A splendid game!