Reviews for "CrateRun"

Old and overused concept. Clunky controls. Music was good.

You managed to keep me interested for a while but I had to give up at level 24 because of the slippery controls and that big time wasting spiral in the middle of the level.

The style and everything works well, you should just make the controls more tight and not design that one level to purposefully waste time.

The game wasn't too hard. The difficulty mainly came from the slippery jumps, nonetheless I still had more fun with this than many of the other retro stylized games that the portal is flooded with nowadays.
BTW, it's totally possible (and quite easy) to pass level 19 without the trick. All you have to do is immediately run right, let yourself fall down, almost immediately hop between the two parallel shots, then keep running and make two more well-timed hops on your way to the other side.

Very well done! It's kind of like a mixture of Super Meat Boy and the Impossible Game. By the heavy physics of the game, I can see a lot of effort was put into this. Great work!

Thegame is pretty enteresting.
It's hard, yes... But if we take our time and look at the challenge, we can overcome it.
The controls aren't slippery. I learned how the controls work... You should too.