Reviews for "CrateRun"

What some people don't seem to understand is that the controls are deliberately slow to make the game harder. However, in the end this game falls on it's own difficulty. If you're a masochist this might work, if not, stay away!

This game has problems with the controls and very aquard level design. The spacing between platforms and the size of those are not really in sync with your jumping ability. It doesn't seem a lot of thought went into level design, just "make it difficult and they'll manage somehow". I would prefer a well thought out challange, not a random "hard controls" one.

Bad controls =/= difficult gameplay.

this is a frustrating game. it would be very good with better control and a double jump. also, why can not i stand on a spike as long as i do not stand on the pointy end of the spike?

Unforgiving is the one word that comes to my mind when playing this deathfest game. It's a trend that nowadays can only grow and overflow the internet already, with all these "challenging" hop and bop platformers designed only for trial and error gameplay, to let you fail dozens of times before actually succeeding. This game is no exception to the rule, with the excruciating imprecise jumping complicating an otherwise standard level format, where having the right timing is fundamental in most - if not ALL - scenarios. Sound design is pretty minimal, and the music is definitely unremarkable as it stays in the background with its steady dance beat contributing to nothing atmosphere-wise. Overall, this game has potential, not much for casual gamers as they're continuously punished through their countless deaths, but the sloppy controls can and are an issue that clearly detracts from one's experience.