Reviews for "CrateRun"

The game wasn't too hard. The difficulty mainly came from the slippery jumps, nonetheless I still had more fun with this than many of the other retro stylized games that the portal is flooded with nowadays.
BTW, it's totally possible (and quite easy) to pass level 19 without the trick. All you have to do is immediately run right, let yourself fall down, almost immediately hop between the two parallel shots, then keep running and make two more well-timed hops on your way to the other side.

A very fun game but it isn't as hard as i thought as I completed the game in 1 sitting.

Finally! Very well done, I felt challenged without getting frustrated. Good graphics, awesome music. Looking forward for a second one. :)

I must've died 324 times during this run! But it was fun!
The levels weren't repeative, the challenges were fantastic, and the music was alright!
Nice job! I'll give yah 4.5 stars..!! :D

I don't know about anyone else. But i found this game extremely easy.
It was quite fun. Although a little short.