Reviews for "CrateRun"

All levels had just enough difficultly to keep my interest, while not making me rage. Well besides the "Pillars of Creation" level. Took me forever to beat it.

simple graphics, yet the actual game play is very addicting, found myself playing for quite some time :p great game!!

I don't know about anyone else. But i found this game extremely easy.
It was quite fun. Although a little short.


Alright, so after playing through a dozen or so levels I've noticed some of the following. The game, as a platformer precision game is pretty challenging, /both/ in a good way and in a bad way. The good thing about the game is the challenging level design and cleverly thought of reaction/precision puzzles. The /bad/ thing however are the controls. They're somewhat floaty and the jump arc is just ridiculous. For example, level 11, Canyon of Pain. The first pillar with spikes is almost impossible to jump on to after mashing the jump button in order to get on the pillar. And then even if you make it up the pillar, the first crumbling platform is positioned in a way so your jump arc /just barely/ misses it, which wouldn't be such a problem if you could steer mid jump... but you can't... and that's what makes the /bad/ challenge.
Overall, the game is interesting, challenging and can keep your attention for some time. Until you decide to smash your keyboard against a wall. :>
3 stars from me.