Reviews for "CrateRun"

The Jumping mechanics in this game are really bad. I mean it, I can barely maneuver. There's no subtlety to the control. The responsiveness needs to be increased.

I take my trophy with honor. The system and controls went very smooth. You glide a good bit which leads to most deaths and that seems a very well done mechanic of the game. One thing, maybe a bomb design that isn't as closely related the key structure or most games collectables; I can name a few times I went after them forgetting they'll kill me

It's a good game, and I love particle effects :D

This isn't a game where you just jump every now and then. Planning your movements and watching the position of the cannons is vital to completing this game, which makes it nice. Bloody good job here, mate.

This is a really challenging game, but not unfair. The slippery controls are just part of the challenge.