Reviews for "CrateRun"

Epic game made my day lvl19 took a bit long but only need some time and concentration like in all other levels expect lvl 29 so god damn happy making easy :D

Controls are much too slippery, it's incredibly frustrating to play.

Level 19 is impossible. thx

2 stars for fitting music & nice graphics.
The controls are far too slippery (Beyond the intentional level). This is most noticeable in the wall jumps. Also the spikes have a hit box a tiny bit larger than they should (Most noticeable in King of the Hill, or something like that).
Not bad over all, just nothing new.

Hey there is nothing wrong with difficutlty, but the difficulty should not come from the bad controls. It should not be a challenge to fall straight down (I'm thinking of level 13). The challenge should come from the timing rather than the ability to land on the platforms. The game is good, it's beautiful and the level design is good too, but the controls have to be more fluid in order to make it great and satisfying. just sayin'