Reviews for "CrateRun"

Fantastic Game! Was Challenging, fast pace and fun! Beat the whole game with no issues =D My type of game! lol Thanks.

The controls are so slippery that it makes precision jumping almost impossible. In a game in which platforms are sometimes barely larger than the player, greater control is necessary in order to avoid frequent death and inevitable ragequitting. Sorry, but I can only give this game two stars.

a retro game that looks fine, sounds fine, and has some of the worst controls that i have ever seen in a game. all i can do is spam the jump button and hope that it doesn't kill me in the center of a safe platform. also based on the rather overused jump puzzle platformer genre.

I found it quite good, and the fact that the box slid on the ground ultimately made it a bit more challenging.

Music fit the game, and there were a few interesting levels, like the one where the ashes covered up everything. (even though I just jumped on the ashes and moved along with it, it was still an cool concept.)

The time I spent on this was time well spent.

A good looking game with awful controls. Precise platforming and slippery controls don't mix well.
If you enjoy feeling like a ball on an ice rink (despite being a square) you'll love it.