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Reviews for "Randobot"

i cant express enough of how shitty a mechanic it is to have randomly failing controls.

Sorry, but the graphics look great,
It's good concept,
But do you see this.
1 Star.
Gameplay is not terrible.
I like how you made it so that you can level it up throughout the game,
But please, don't mess with Manouvrebility.
I'm Ok, with the Jetpack level up, because, hey, if I had a jetpack, I'd want to make it better too,
But not being able to crouch after repeatedly pressing the crouch button for 5 seconds as a lazer slowly makes it's way to your head just feels a bit cheap.
If you were to make a sequel, make it so that the bot can jump, run and crouch 100% right from the beginning. then add in some extra abilities, rocket, scanner etc. and make it so they will have to level up. I'm sure that would turn this into a much better game.

I have to agree with what alot of the reviews are saying: Make the bot work 100% of the time from the get go. I mean I know that you want an interesting challenge and this is interesting and challenging...but if you're going to save the universe you should at lest be able to move, jump and shoot with ease...not have all these "gliches" working aginst you.

you have taken the worst thing about gaming, and made it the entire element that this game is built around. To accomplish something by chance is something you should avoid when your trying to make a game, as games are meant to be fun, but by introducing random chance, you make a game frustrating. You might say that it is to add challenge or difficulty, but random chance is more of a bug in a game than anything else. Random chance takes away skill, and with a game like this you leave no room for when your robot does decide to 'glitch' and a bullet hits you and you have to start the level all over again and having to chance your way just to get hit again.

the random chance is the worst thing about this game and nearly any game you can think of. something else like perhaps a delayed reaction would have worked alot better as it would still depend mostly on the player skill, as apposed the computer randomly picking the outcome.

ill be honest i think it was a bad idea to make the entire game about random chance. ill give this a one because it looked pretty well and when it did work, it ran pretty smoothly also and the music suited. but this wasnt really a fun game which is what at most a game should be.

VascoF responds:

Well, the game wasn't meant to redefine how games work, it was just an idea that I thought was worth trying. Of course, I'm aware that weak controls are one of the worst things in gaming, that was kind of the irony of the whole thing :)

Whenever I press play my flash player crashes :(