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Reviews for "Randobot"

To start, no.
To clarify, you designed a game around the same flaws that game developers spend lots of time and money to try and avoid. They try to avoid them because they understand a player wants to feel a mistake they made was solely their fault, it was something they could work to improve. You designed a game to make the player feel helpless, everything is completely randomized. Therefor when a player gets stuck on a level for an hour after tweaking and retweaking his robot's systems, he feels there is no hope and no longer wants to play the game. That's not fun, it's not endearing, I'm frustrated, I have a massive headache, and I hate you so much for this.
So no.

The game is okay. Nothing new.

It's just a basic platformer that limits what you can do which pisses you off very quickly if you don't get the hang of it.

Uhhh it sounded interesting enough but my word was this frustrating. Its bad enough when a games don't work like they are suppose to, let alone when a game the controls are suppose to not work.

Granted it was fun for awhile.

If you the kind of person that likes a somewhat frustrating game then this is the one for.

Easy mode was ok, but hard mode is just a chore. Designing a game around faulty controls seems almost 'it's not a bug, it's a feature', but the game is pretty well polished and I can definitely see what you were going for.

Ultimately, although I voted the game a 5 because you executed it well, I'm reviewing it a 2 because the concept itself is absolutely terrible.

the control is unbelievably unresponsive, especially when jumping + moving forwards, then combine with "errors", you got a really frustrating and shitty game