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Reviews for "Randobot"

Easy mode was ok, but hard mode is just a chore. Designing a game around faulty controls seems almost 'it's not a bug, it's a feature', but the game is pretty well polished and I can definitely see what you were going for.

Ultimately, although I voted the game a 5 because you executed it well, I'm reviewing it a 2 because the concept itself is absolutely terrible.

the control is unbelievably unresponsive, especially when jumping + moving forwards, then combine with "errors", you got a really frustrating and shitty game

I agree w/ veanum, this is a bad idea for a video game. I lost count of how many times I blamed the game for getting me killed. A good game never takes the brunt of a player's blame for their deaths, as the player understands it was their fault. However, how am I to know the probability the computer decides to calculate when to activate a glitch or not without having a scientific calculator in my head? Keeping in mind my math isn't that bad, but you're talking about expecting the player to remember complex computer algorithms just to stand a chance and 'figure out' when the glitches will happen or not. Aside from mathematicians who may happen to be gamers, you aren't gonna get anything near that from your audience.

Actually, I'll retract part of my original statement. This isn't a "bad concept" per se; in the right hands a game built around glitches can be very well done, but this is a terrible implementation of it. At least offer a probability system easily understood by the player, a gauge of sorts for different abilities trending to show when they will "glitch" (overheat) or something, etc. As-is, it's just not fun (and as someone who's played games like Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts fully and enjoyed every second of it, THAT is how you do difficulty the right way in games, generally speaking).

I do have to give you compliments for the art and sprite work, though, and is the main reason I'm rating this as high as I am. It's fantastic visually, and shows you put some serious effort into the graphical side of things. The music was repetitive and felt out-of-place, tho, like it was trying too hard. So if you ever decide to do a sequel, definitely stick with the visual style but seriously consider some of the ideas I suggested and others to make the game actually playable and fun, w/o skimping on the challenge.

This game really illustrates the difference between a game being hard and a game being cheap. Cheap games rely on luck and memorization, while hard games rely on timing, reflexes, and strategy.

This game definitely felt like it was more cheap than hard until the last level. When you died, it wasn't because you made a bad decision or didn't find a better route, and there typically wasn't any special way to destroy enemies that didn't require an input from you that may not work. You died because the game decided you wouldn't crouch or jump the 5 times you pressed the button to do so, and you fell or got hit with an enemy's shot and died.. There's no other strategy to the game to minimize this other than put more points into certain things, and even then it's still just pure luck whether or not it works.

It becomes genuinely hard on the last level, where you've fully upgraded everything and it becomes about reflexes and timing, and that was a fun level with an feature where you got to choose where you ended the level. That was interesting, but the rest of the game is just cheap.

I liked the backdrop, as minimal as it was. Playing the game on hard added an extra fun twist to it. But the gameplay just wasn't challenging or fun, just cheap.

This game is infuriating and I'm only a few levels in. The fact that certain abilities start out with a high chance of glitching is terrible. Especially when going into a level that requires a specific ability. The fact that it's easy to die is also annoying, as you have to start the entire level over from scratch. There should be checkpoints in the levels so that players don't have to redo the level just because of bad luck.