Reviews for "Randobot"

The game is fun but very frustrating , you should not have done this to jumping and I type as a person with a lot of bad luck :

I want to jump,but my character " bug " and go walking in the hole instead happens too often ( even if all my points of the 1st mission were used to upgrade jumps ) .I suggest to remove the jump from the bug system and do it the only command which works perfectly at start.

I jump but my left/right command bugs and fall in the hole happens almost every time.I suggest to make that it can't bug moving left or right while jumping.

This game has appreciable graphics and interesting content.

I understood the idea and thought it was pretty good. However, I can see how people find this frustrating and immediately turn that frustration for dislike or hate.

See, people hate what they can't control or do anything about. This game is the perfect example of that. Even if you're really good with games in general, Randobot's outcome depends on chance and only a fraction of skill/s.

I got confused and frustrated as well but seeing how the idea is more original, I'll give it 2.5.

VascoF responds:

If it's a perfect example of that then even if the game sucks I'd say it was worth making! Although I think there may be more strategy to it than meets the eye ;)

I thought it was really interesting how thier was only a certain probablility that you would perform basic actions. It made the game challenging. But that is what also makes the game bad.


What a stupid idea to have buggy controls as a game feature... it's annoying to jump directly into a pit just because the controls fail. It's even more annoying to know that they failed by design. Interesting idea but ... no thanks! The rest of the game is solid and nice. 4.5 stars minus 2 for above reasons