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Reviews for "Outpost:Swarm"

just like the first one this was as nice!
but for some reason I'm not able to play the first one here on NG, I have the latest flash n everything, I'm not using an adblocker type thing... so I have to go to armor games or some other place to play Outpost:Haven.

if this one is just a taste of what the new one is gonna be, can't wait! although the buddy AI does leave something to be desired. perhaps a command system? like in some other games you hold a button down, and order a unit to move somewhere (example I can think of is freedom fighters)
attack a certain target, or hold down an area. so for this game when ordering the guy around, I guess you would be standing still while moving the mouse around and position him\her\it at a certain area (assuming the area is accessible)

Game is AWESOME!
It's really good same with your others i love your games nice job!

This game is solid but im going to have to say Lag was a little bit of an issue and your team member does like to bug out in the walls sometimes. Other than that awesome game
Oh and the Shotgun is a little OP but meh details....

this is a Good Game, there are few problems i had. LAG, enemy bunch up and the game lags bad. Some of the gun could have been better. The flame thrower could have burn through other monster hitting them all. The Vulcan could hold more Ammo in the clip. The upgrade stopping was sad, could just made them cost more money or something.the camping warring was annoying. a game should never punish a play for there own play style. the self destruct was cool at first them it just dull quick. it should have killed you or stop after 30secs. over all i like the game. there could have been one or two more maps. over all good game. I give you a fair and honest Rating. Good but not great.

I like this kind of game, but...

- The mazes are small, so tactics & exploration are close to non-existent,
- The game slows down on my (quad cpu) machine whenever a bunch of monsters rush (and prevent me from turning around to face them, which is annoying as hell,)
- The HUD doesn't show me my level, so I have to keep punching in to the terminal unless I happen to catch the "gun unlocked" msg,
- Said unlock, level and achievements msgs pop up and use an inordinate amount of screen real estate, from middle to side, usually covering up approaching monsters, (and creating lag,)
- I was never sure if I was shooting through or AT my teammate, nor did I quite catch if the lives count down when I let him die & he re-spawns, so a few instruction details would be nice,
- I hit esc and got out of full screen mode, but could never get back into it, (see quip about more instructions), and on the subject of un-obvious keys & modes, if there's a way to about a battle and get back to the main menu, I didn't find it... If there's a pause, I saw no mention of it, and basically I was too busy coping with the mad slow-down to try the old hit every button routine,

Basically, nice start of a game, but the interface needs a lot of polish, a bit more storyline or maze exploration would be nice, amd the lags made me move on to another game of the same kind after 2 weapon purchases, so I can't say if the upgrades are worth it.

Squize responds:

Hi mate, just a quick reply as I'm snowed under with work.

To pause the game press P ( We show all the controls on the control select screen very first time you play it ), and from there you can quit too.
The instructions are both available in-game and on the title screen, all though to be fair the icon for them is pretty small.

Your wingman dying doesn't affect you in any way, that would suck :)

Small levels has been covered in another reply, honestly large levels just don't work with it.

Valid point about your current rank not being shown on the HUD.

Thanks for the review, sorry about my short sharp replies.