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Reviews for "Outpost:Swarm"

+ Fullscreen support
+ Fun time sink
+ Has an upgrades store, and it doesn't ask you to pay real cash for anything.
+ Good art style and map design
- Anti-camp should be rid of, or maybe difficulty specific. Maps are too small for no camping and it feels intrusive.
- Character movement a bit clunky

1. Add options for how player movement is handled (e.g. Direction based or Compass based movement)
2. Ability to buy robotic squad members/wingmen (or hire humans) to aid you. They could even be cooled down reinforcements (for example, robot needs to recharge, then can be used for another minute or so)
3. Placeable limited ammo/use traps or turrets, possibly as additions to a deployable barricade that you buy (attaches to it, bought from a special menu in barricade) If this changes things too much, you could add it as a new game mode; "Swarm Construction" or something.

Thanks for your time into this, I love the game!

Squize responds:

Great review, thank you!
I really like the idea of a clone / droid army, in effect they would work like smart turrets ( Turrets are coming to Outpost 2, that's the most popular request after multiplayer, so yeah, they're a shoe in ), but I think they would hurt the frame rate a bit too much. Something to think about though.
I've been put off by the whole barricade thing as every zombie game seems to use them, for O2 we're thinking about trip wires instead. They'd have the same effect ( albeit a one shot one, unlike a barricade you can repair and which holds up the baddies longer ) and I think they'd be visually much nicer.
Cheers mate.

the tard beneath meh needs to go somewhere else to post trash and give bad reviews

Great, straightforward and simple, but really addicting, I'm looking forward to trying to get all the medals

It's alot of fun. Good selection of weapons. Good map design. However with how it's set up putting in anti Camp software while forcing the play to put himself in more danger making it more difficult, the maps are too small not to do camping. Also some armor and speed upgrades might be nice.

Squize responds:

No one likes the anti-camping stuff do they ? :)
Ok, we'll have to look to tweak that for O2.
If you check out the teaser for O2 at the start, you may well see a inventory for amour...

Thanks for the review, glad you enjoyed it.

It's a very well done game; I've always liked these kinds of shooters, and yours is a nice, if somewhat simple, one as well. I liked having the wingman as well, if for nothing other than to soak up a lot of the ammo. At times wished that the reloading was faster, or that the character cold move faster, but it was still quite good.

Squize responds:

Good fair review, thanks.