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Reviews for "Outpost:Swarm"

I never saw any water, smg is the best and monsters slow the guy down a lot when attacking

Good game overall, but I think it needs more than just a few types of monsters.

good game, and hardly any lag using GoogleChrome

Great game. Where can I get the music thats played in the main menu?

Squize responds:

I guess we'll post a link to download all the music on our Facebook page in the next couple of days.

a bit laggy. graphics are low resolution. and i didn't like how i couldn't set it to full screen again if i hit escape and ended full screen mode. if i could, there were no instructions or menus to show me how.

Squize responds:

Yep, you can only turn full screen back on via the title screen, as we figured players would either want full screen, or not, rather than change mid game ( I understand that real life gets in the way and you may need to swap between the two views when playing, but the whole full screen stuff wasn't in the original, and we could only devote a certain amount of time to this newgrounds exclusive ).
As to the graphics, they're not low resolution, Flash scales things up in full screen, the bigger your display the more it has to scale, there's no way around that really.

Thanks for taking the time to play it.