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Reviews for "Outpost:Swarm"

Wow, this game is laggy.
How come I got told off for 'camping'? I mean, it's a survival game. Camping's kind of the point. There's not really anywhere else to go anyway..?
And whenever I get a newgrounds medal, the medal pop-up appears in the middle of the right side of my screen and I can't see about an eigth of what's happening. Kind of annoying.

Squize responds:

Not sure why you found it laggy, aside from you and sharpnova above no one else has said that and it's been on Miniclip for months.
Is it when running full screen and you have a high resolution ? Or maybe there's a big ass Flash ad running on this page when you played it, they steal performance from the game itself.

As to the camping thing, I covered that off in a previous reply.

way is it saying supplies like crazy

First I will state that in my opinion this is a professionally made game even though it is more or less a short version of the original; a standalone defense/swarm game with reused material from what I've seen. I can't give more than about three stars, this is by no means to imply that this is a bad game, it is simply because this is not a "new game" rather it's a standalone based upon the original but focusing on the swarm mode, though there are some differences from the original such as different music and splash screen.

It still bothers me with the noise when the aliens discover the player character and when they hole up in their spawn points and become dozens or so the sound becomes intolerable when they notice the player and the sound drowns speakers with annoying screaming. I suggest that this sound should be only used occasionally. Replace their screams with a background swarm noise instead, as a player I already know they're swarming in endlessly from their spawn points, I don't really need to hear their notice-screams every time ten or more of them sees me and start running towards my player character while enduring the sudden mega outburst of twenty separate scream clips runs through my speaker while blasting away. Sound is a component used to enhance the experience of a game and if I have to mute the game it immediately lowers the sense of immersion and becomes less fun to play. On the other hand the other sound effects are likable and well made.

I like the new menu screen's music track, repetitive but fulfills its purpose well as a mood track!

Level design
Nothing to criticize about, decently made.

The animated background picture in the menu is pretty awesome, the menu graphical representation is also well made as well as the in game graphics, the game's different interfaces really feels smooth and the game feels professionally made in this aspect. The aliens still don't have any attack animations though.

The new feature
I like idea of having a wingman at your side while battling the endless swarms of aliens,
despite being a small help he has some flaws. For one he got stuck several times in a wall edge and it took some time before he could walk around again. Sometimes he's straight up in the way as I can't fire my weapons through him, it is especially annoying in small passages and he becomes alien fodder before I can properly take down the swarms of aliens. And above all,
I'm not satisfied with that he keeps using the same rifle as I would prefer that the wingman actually changed weapons from time to time, especially at round two where he's more or less a sacrificial decoy because he's inadequate to defend himself, perhaps he could switch to the pulse rifle?

Noted glitches are minor details that doesn't seem game breaking but I'll list them here anyway.
1) The challenge "Bring it on" (Magazines collected) has a glitch with the progress-bar as it should be complete filled with the red color when completed but isn't, it looks simply untouched but the challenge displays otherwise that it is completed (level and progress maxed).
2) The rank is glitched in the sense that it displays the rank name 'null' when over rank 50 (I'm at rank 51 of 50 as of writing this review).
3) as stated earlier above, the wingman sometimes get stuck in wall edges.
4) The challenge "Where are you?" (kills without a laser sight) cannot progress unless I use the hand gun, which from the in-game graphics display has a yellow laser sight, and does not make any sense in relation to the challenge. Tried other weapons but only the hand gun can affect the progress of the said challenge.

Can't think of anything more really other than praise for your team's skills, both of the Outpost games you've published so far are really well made no doubt, and I really do look forward to the upcoming sequel to Outpost:Haven, the sneak peek pictures got my interest!

Squize responds:

Wow, now that's a review.

Rather than go point by point, as my reply will be as long as your review I'll just pick up on some things.
- Alien screams, yes we need to re-work that for O2. In O:H explosions were an issue too. It's on our list ( We didn't have enough time / budget with Swarm to really get in there and fix things as much as we would have liked ).
- Wingman. He's not perfect, but as I said in another reply there's a cost attached to AI, and I think we got the balance pretty much right, he's not a total dumb arse, but will do dumb things at times. Avoiding those occasional dumb things is what really hits the CPU. In O2 there will be co-op story levels, so I'll improve the code then, but there will always be dumb moments, nature of the beast I'm afraid.
Still not sure about him changing weapons, although you're the second person to flag it up.
- Challenge glitches. They're the bane of my life, I hate everything about doing challenges. Thanks for the heads up, we'll try and roll out an update soon.

You're level 50(/null) already ? We reduced it from the original O:H as it was just mental difficult to get there, but that's insane :)

Thanks again mate, an excellent review, I think we may be bugging you for some O2 play testing ;)

Really good game, i think it would be a cool multi-player game as well, like 4 player co-op. Everything works well and looks great, just wish that camping thing wasn't there, it was funny, but i want to play this game the way i want to play you know? plus i hate people that complain about campers, go to a war zone and tell the snipers there that camping is for noobs and watch what happens... anyways i digress. turrets would be an awsome addition to this game though. the camping thing is what kept this from being a 5/5, but its only half a star

Squize responds:

Thanks mate.
The camping thing is because we had certain points on the map ( I think from memory on level 1 by the console / store ) where you would be pretty much safe, and once you have a safe zone it's pretty hard to force yourself out of it.
Also we wanted to keep the energy of the game up, forcing players to always be moving around the small levels from spawn hole to spawn hole. As a gameplay mechanic it's a cheat really, it forces a style of play ( It's like having say oxygen always going down to force the player to move, or the fast little UFO in asteroids etc. It's as old as games are ).

( And when we were developing this I was playing a lot of BF3, and was sick of campers :) )

Fun and simple. I liked how fast paced it was. The outpost corporation frowns upon camping, either stop or the self destruct sequence will be triggered lol