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Reviews for "Outpost:Swarm"

This is a fun time-killer coming out of the swarm mode from Outpost: Haven. This time, with ten maps, there is a lot more variety in setting than just five maps. Plus there are maps with hazards such as water or laser beams. The China Lake is still powerful even though it is not the monster it used to be in the original. Above else, the same weapons, perks, and ranking system from Outpost: Haven apply to this game. Since you did not include new weapons or perks, this is nothing more than a game that is a mode from another game with more maps (at least some have hazards!).

It is good that you included a partner, but one thing that could be changed is that the player should be able to change the weapon of their partner, as well as the perks. That way he will not be stuck with the same assault rifle all the time.

By the way, what happened to the high scores? It was a way to encourage people to try harder to compete with the rest of the world in terms of scoring. It was in the original, why not this?

I have a problem: the kills without a laser sight does not seem to count toward the challenge "Kills without laser sight." Even though I killed something with a China Lake without laser sight, the challenge progress for "Where Are You?" was still 0% at Level 0! I fear that this might be a bug -- kills with no laser sight should count!

Whatever, this game is nothing more than an expansion of a particular mode featured in another game. I still enjoyed it; that is what counts.

Squize responds:

Excellent review, thank you.
The story behind this is that when we were selling O:H Miniclip showed an interest, so we pitched them Swarm as an alternative, which they agreed to buy. It was outside the scope of the project to include new weapons, I think from memory we agreed to two new baddie types, the AI co-op wasn't even mentioned, that was just a days experiment that went really well. We didn't even have time to include the new baddies, so that's why there's not as much new content as if we were making it for ourselves.

With the AI weapon, we were looking at him grabbing ammo, changing weapons, going to the console to buy them etc. ( A lot like "The Chaos Engine" on the Amiga ) but realised that:
a) It would be annoying as hell him stealing medi-packs / ammo from you.
b) Even with the basic weapon, not tweaked or rigged in anyway, he still kicked ass.
So we just left him as he is.

Hi-scores, I checked the stats for O:H, so few people bothered and they're always a pain in the arse to do, what with servers going down etc. We've done a Facebook version and that compares you to your friends, and that works much better than a generic leaderboard.

I'll check the challenges, thanks for pointing that out.

Thanks again.

Exelent game :D

Squize responds:

Thanks :D

there are too many easy medals, i am NOT saying to remove them i am saying to add some hard one's so people will play it LONGER so please just add some harder medals to achieve thanks for making a sequel love the game!!! :D

Squize responds:

Thanks mate.
Choosing medals is always tricky, I'd rather stick on the easy side so more people get the chance to earn them, with the big 100 point ones for the people who really have got into the game.

I really loved Outpost : Haven, and now, you finally have a teammate !

But actually, I have a problem : Pressing the A button (ZQSD keyboard, do the same for me when playing on WASD mode and pressing Q) do not allow me to change weapon.
The weapon selection menu do show up, but immediatly disappear, just hope you can fix it ...!

Squize responds:

We actually designed it that way, someone suggested it for the original Outpost ( I think it was someone here ) and we really liked the idea, the whole toggle thing for the weapon select slowed the gameplay down a little bit too much, it was like another pause mode.
So hold down Q, select your weapon, and let it go. It may take some getting used to, but it does feel better in the longer run.

Thanks for taking the time to write a review, and play the game.

Reminds me so much of Outpost 1 with the constant enemies and the chances of being knocked down around every corner.. Love how the old weapons i loved are brought into this and i cant wait for the 2013 release of outpost 2.. Thanks for the little minigame to keep me going until 2013.. 5/5

Squize responds:

Cool, we built this for everyone who enjoyed the original, so reading your review has made me happy.

It's just meant to be a bit of mindless fun in the Outpost universe, something to kill 15 mins with and then hopefully come back to now and again, we made a point of not adding any story to it ( We thought about some hidden info-cards that would give a bit more back story, but decided against it, we wanted to keep it "Pure" ).

Thanks MA, glad you enjoyed it mate.