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Reviews for "Outpost:Swarm"

The main menu song is the best song ever!!What's the name of the song??

Squize responds:

It's called "Emergency"
We should have a link to all the tunes in our game up on the Facebook page sometime this weekend.

( Glad you like it )

looks an awsome game but the control method is bugged their both the same. it looks fantastic thoug maybe put in adjusteble keyconfigs?

Squize responds:

Bugged in what way mate ? Send me a pm if you can so we can look into and fix it. Cheers.

Fine survival game, quite liked it, but it lacks the fun of being adle to set up turrets... that would be awesome!

I enjoyed the game, I loved the first one immensly though, but this one is still quite enjoyable and reminds me of zombies, I reccomend you turn this swarm mode into a 4 player co-op mode with latge maps, that would be awesome. But that is if that is possible with your scedule.

Thank you for a awesome game, 4.5/5 (9/10)

Squize responds:

Thank you.
We're really mental busy with O2 right now, and after that we're going to look at what to do next ( Although a break from Outpost for a while would be good, we don't want to be the "Outpost guys" churning out game after game ).
But it may be a multi-player version of Outpost ( Possibly in Unity rather than Flash ), or a mobile port or a desktop version where we throw all 3 versions into one directors cut like package. We really not sure yet, it all depends on how O2 does really.

good game though.