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Reviews for "Outpost:Swarm"

A great game.

First of all, I have to admit something. Upon firing the Outpost series's Pulse Rifle for the first time, I did not immediately recognize it as the same Pulse Rifle from Aliens. No, instead, I watched Aliens recently and recognized the firing sound. Down with the pitchforks, I admit it. Aside from that, I enjoyed Swarm quite a bit. Getting promoted to General for combat action alone is always fun. They better hope Lee doesn't come back alive or they'll have the world's best foot-soldier in a command position. The game-play is wonderfully smooth and easy to use, with only the occasional strange choice of design. For example, why in hell do aliens confined in a room that haven't spotted the player or their companion ricochet off the walls like bullets, and why do they stack up on top of one another in such large amounts that even a rocket launcher may prove insufficient to put them all down, all while appearing to be only one singular enemy? Aside from these not-really-issues, the game is a good time, and a lovely extension to the standard Outpost and its sequel.

Too awesome, music rocks! My hand's starting to cramp...it hurts so good \m/ XD

A awesome game but just 1 question :
Why is the player itself immune self destruction but not the bugs.

how to destroy the power protcectors