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Reviews for "Outpost:Swarm"

The game seemed like fun, had good graphics, monsters made awsome sounds. Seemed like there was a influence from Aliens vs Predators because of some of the weapons and the motion sensor itsefl the sounds seemed fimilar. Some of the character movement seemed to vary at different times. I noticed while walking over a crate or something on the floor you moved slower, but sometimes i just moved slow on the tile in general. I killed all the emenies in the 1st wave yet it didnt complete the way and explosions just covered the map. Hope this was helpfull

Squize responds:

Yep some of the sounds were taken from various AvP mod sites, although the motion scanner was original ( The one in Aliens sounds so much better ).
Weird bugs you're having there, I'll have to see if I can replicate them. Thanks for flagging them up.

this game was good. good graphics, nice gameplay and nails the music on the main menu. also the game has a good amount of weapons to wield damage on those monsters. speaking of the monsters they make the most disturbing and weirdest sounds ever. also i hate the fact that the character you play as is so stiff trying to move him around. another thing this game lacks is multiplayer. for a great game like this multiplayer should be included. but overall the game acquires everything else. and thank goodness the controls are not confusing or clunky. this was a nice game and I was definitely addicted. 4.5/5

Squize responds:

Thanks for the review.
As to multiplayer, I think I'm going to have to link to what I wrote the other day in the game description itself as even with that news post I'm repeating myself a lot about it ( If you're interested why it's scary / expensive / risky please click my name on this reply, or in the credits ).

Menu music was beast!!!!

Good game but missing a few diversions. Type: mini bosses in each level, two-player mode is not understood to mean why did not it have been carried out in this part of the stupid character controlled by the computer and it killed every time and stand still. I hope you putting in the second part of this mode, and the choice of difficulty level of this game is too easy, but time consuming to get all four achievements. Graphically, the game looks nice. Exhibit 4.5 and is waiting for the second part.

is this the second outpost?! wow!