Reviews for "Monsters' Den Chronicles"

beautifully, thoughtfully crafted. so much depth for a flash game. this is at the top of its genre.

Love the game, I'm addicted! My medals don't work though :(

Words fail me...this is a gorgeously crafted game, I'm hooked :)

Great game, I'm addicted! The medals don't seem to be working for me though.

I thought this was a really cool RPG. I guess I'm really starting to get used to these games more. The first one I played that I really liked was the "Epic Battle Fantasy" series. Everything is done pretty well in this. You might have worked with more character design, because some of the effects seemed a tad choppy. At least the sound effects and everything else are nicely done.

I like how you get a lot of time to plan your next time. It seems like there are a lot of colorful characters here. It even has a fairly good title, even if it's not that original. It was annoying how the enemies kept healing. I'm going to have to study this game more to understand that.