Reviews for "Monsters' Den Chronicles"

Amazing game, but when you get all the bags for your loot your gold doesn't count much for anything so get something good for stats when that is done.
Edit: I'm trying to login to my Armor games account but its partially off-screen, please fix it.

The game is hard on hard-core so stop acting like a bitch and dead with it, you say the game is garbage but you don`t realize it was made 6+ years ago.

the game is pretty garbage...starting from the enemies able to resurrect their fallen without a cooldown from turn to turn so if they die they can instantly bring them back each time since their regen on magic is absurd, spawning familiars in spots where their fallen have been yet you cant when you try..the 4-5 star ratings people are giving is most likely little kids playing on easy so from someone playing hardcore mode the game is kind of bunk, only good for wasting time at work

just jumped from the original version of this game- amazing improvements all around! awesome dungeon crawling game

Great concept and art.