Reviews for "Monsters' Den Chronicles"

The game ist good with nice graphics but it is the same story like the last part.

Yet again, you've made a clear, enticing affront to all your dungeon-crawl and Rpg competitors. Some balance issues but tons of replay value and a beautiful plethora of equipment management that pays off to play with. Thank you very much for yet another beautiful contribution. Now please make the Medals work.

Where's female character sprites? =)

garin-dan responds:

Couldn't afford them for this game. You can still use custom sprites.


Great game, although character progression feels excruciatingly slow. The interface is one of the best I've ever seen - a lot of thought clearly went into the item system. The character balance seems off, the mage characters don't do enough damage for being so squishy and rangers make better healers than clerics which I found quite strange. The melee characters do more damage and are much tougher to kill.

As an aside, the medals don't work. Please fix.

Verdict: 4/5, 8/10

garin-dan responds:

Oops, the medals worked in testing. Fixed now.