Reviews for "Monsters' Den Chronicles"

Overall, a very good game. The one major drawback I found to it, though, is that despite Sweeping Strikes saying your Warrior's attacks can't be evaded and bumping up his hit chance 100%, if he takes any hit to his accuracy (such as the -40 from Blinding Pulse), his accuracy is, in fact, reduced, and enemies can evade his attacks. Aside from that, this is the kind of game I'd expect to see on a site like Newgrounds.

garin-dan responds:

That's intentional. Otherwise sweeping strikes would simple say attacks always hit.

Extremly fun I would totally play this if it was a real game for gaming systems it probs would get 5 stars like i gave it! seriously Garin-Dan You could go far with this!

Absolutly brilliant, I started playing to pass the time waiting for timers on another game to go by, and next thing i know ive been playing for hours!

Excellant game, i love it.

This game is simply amazing. I've always been a fan of the basic dungeon crawlers and this is it at the very best. And who says Newgrounds is past it's prime? This game proves that totally wrong!

you should make this into a downloadable app game for smartphones it's the perfect time waster!