Reviews for "Monsters' Den Chronicles"

its one of the most flawless flash games ive played with this kind of caliber, from the inventory to the autosaves its absolutely use friendly, which i like about it :]

This game is very imersive! I give it 5 stars! Although I do have a few minor complaints with it: 1. New players may find the equipment menu a little confusing (I didn't know that you had to drag items on to the character in order to use it at first) along with a few D&D influences which they may not understand. 2. You could include a little more variety in your music the battle music is a bit too repetitive.

this game is really nice but you could add a town or something like that and a female character (i'm a pure boy not a girl) so girls can also enjoy the game... medals don't work

Absolutely wonderful game. Occupied my entire day playing it.

My party consisted of the two warriors, the confessor cleric, and a ranger. Whenever I had ample time to do so, I would combine the powers of my cleric and ranger to get an anointed piercing eagle eye arrow to knock out two foes at once. My warriors were just there to shield the other two. :P

I couldn't get past the last boss on the third mission. I probably should rearrange my party, but I've already played enough today as it is.

Most of the medals didn't work for me. Doesn't matter tho, the game was fun.

you lose 1 star cause there are no female characters booooo on a rpg with no females