Reviews for "Monsters' Den Chronicles"

i can honestly say this somewhat satisfies my d&d/ pathfinder needs, its great for killing time :D, it seems as though you spent ages in refining this masterpiece of a flash game

I still want my medals. Fix the problem and then PM me, plz.

loved it im proud to say that I played through this entire game which took me awhile made with such finesse that its hard to say its anything but a well made game

thats an amazing game.. reminds me of the old "mordor"
hopes theres a new one soon.. 6 stars for it.. very addicting and great story

Fantastic. I'm proud to say that I played through this entire game, which took me a couple of hours. Made with such finesse that it's hard to say it's anything but a smooth, well-flowing, well-made game. I would truly like to see a full version for sale on steam. That would put this game over the top. Perhaps when you've created all of the chapters it could be added to steam's game list?